Serving the western side of the city, Line T3 will share a 3.3km section of Line T2 between Airport Terminal 2 and Digue de Français, where it will diverge onto a new 3.7km branch to reach the Allianz Riviera stadium and Saint Isidore.

The Terminal 2 - Saint Isidore journey time will be 25 minutes and the 11-station line will have a commercial speed of 22km/h.

Estrosi says the accelerated construction schedule is motivated by lower costs. “The cost will be €56m if we begin in 2017, against €76m if we wait,” he says.

Nice Côte d’Azur metropolitan council has already secured €15m in grant funding from the national, regional and departmental governments. The city will contribute €15m with €25m coming from savings achieved in the construction of Line T2.

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