The 10km line will run south from an interchange with metro Line 7 and light rail line T3 at Porte de Choissy, serving six districts including Vitry sur Seine, Choisy-le-Roi, Thais, and Orly. The line will have 19 stations, including an interchange with the future Grand Paris express metro Line 15 at Hotel de Ville de Vitry.

Currently around 57,000 passengers per day use bus route 183 from Porte de Choissy to Orly Airport, which is deemed to have reached its capacity limit. The light rail line is expected to carry 70,000-80,000 passengers per day with services operating at 4-5 minute intervals at peak times and offering a 30-minute journey time between the two termini.

The €359m project will be funded by the French government, the region of Ile-de-France, and the Val-de-Marne municipal government. The fleet of 22 LRVs required for the line will be funded separately by Ile-de-France transport authority Stif at an estimated cost of €71.5m.

Detailed design is currently underway and construction is expected to begin next year. The line is due to be commissioned in 2020.