The new 71-921 Corsair class LRV, which was announced in June, has a loading gauge of 2.3m, around 10-20cm smaller than standard tram widths, to optimise operation on narrow gauge lines. This allows the vehicle to pass small radius curves and significantly reduces lateral movement.

The Corsair is equipped with a narrow-gauge tram bogie which PK Transport first exhibited at the Electrotrans-2019 exhibition in Moscow.

The LRV features a two-stage suspension employing rubber-metal elements and coil springs to reduce vibrations and wear, and is fitted with air conditioning and multimedia systems, USB sockets and Wi-Fi routers. The vehicle is designed for improved comfort and accessibility compared with older models.

Manufacturing of the Corsairs will take place at two sites, with bogie production, body welding and painting being carried out at PK Transport’s Tver plant, and final assembly, including the installation of seats, electrical equipment and interior furnishings, taking place at the St Petersburg factory.

The first fleet of 30 Corsairs will be used to operate services on the Line 5 DSK - Bus Station and Line 11 Ring Street - Bus Station routes of the Tver light rail network.

17 vehicles will operate on Line 5, and 13 on Line 11, with services operating at intervals of five minutes. The new fleet is expected to serve around 7.5 million passengers annually.

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