The budget for the 25km line from Itäkeskus in Helsinki to Keilaniemi in Espoo is now €386m. The City of Helsinki will contribute €286m to the Raide-Jokeri project, with the City of Espoo covering the remaining €118m.

The revised cost estimate was approved by Helsinki City Council in March.

The Raide-Jokeri project will be implemented using an alliance model based on a mutual contract between the two cities, the construction consortium of YIT Finland and NRC Group (formerly VR Track), and the project design team, which comprises Ramboll Finland, Sitowise, and NRC Group.

The YIT NRC consortium was selected for the project in 2017. The alliance partners are expected to sign the contract later this month, which would enable construction to begin in early June.

The 33-station line will open in June 2024.

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