The 27.8m-long vehicle has capacity for 320 passengers and passed all acceptance tests at the end of 2019. Testing has so far been limited to the light rail network’s depot but is now taking place on the wider network with nominal and maximum loads. Following the completion of these tests, the vehicle will receive a certificate of conformity and series production will begin, says Mr Andrei Makarov, deputy director general for civilian products at Uraltransmash.

The vehicle was manufactured at Uraltransmash’s plant in Yekaterinburg entirely from Russian-made components. Air-conditioning is available in both the driver’s cab and passenger areas while the vehicle is fitted with LCD screens for passenger information and advertising.

The vehicle also features an automatic retractable step in the middle door to aid entry and exit for passengers with reduced mobility. The tram features a reserved area for wheelchair users, which is equipped with a backrest and safety belts.