Siemens will implement a comprehensive vehicle maintenance programme and provide technical support and materials. It will also use its Railigent digital rail services platform to capture data via on-board systems which will be analysed to predict failures before they occur. Railigent will also identify operational efficiencies such as bottlenecks to reduce delays and save energy.


In addition, Siemens has also located a Mindsphere Application Center for Rail on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta which will use data gathered from intelligent sensors and continue to develop the advanced software platforms to put intelligence behind billions of data points created on US rail systems.

Siemens says this will help rail operators improve their operations and create what it describes as an “Internet of Trains” to bring infrastructure and vehicles into the digital era. Using software tools, the Digital Service business will help rail operators reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency, planning and performance, as well as generate energy and cost savings.