Škoda was awarded a €26m contract byEskişehir Light Rail Transport in 2016 to supply its type 28T ForCity Classic low-floor LRVs.


“We will test the cars not only on the Eskisehir routes, but also in Bratislava,” explains Mr Václav Petr, Škoda’s project manager. “We will take advantage of the fact that the transport company in the Slovak capital has the gauge track as in Turkey. The geographical proximity of Bratislava simplifies the testing process.”

The LRVs are fitted with Škoda’s roof-mounted Catfree system which uses high-performance nano-lithium-titanium batteries to provide sufficient charge to enable the vehicles to operate catenary-free for distances in excess of 1km.

The unidirectional LRVs are 30m long and will accommodate up to 276 passengers. The air-conditioned vehicles have four double and two single doors.