BRATISLAVA Transport has awarded the Škoda Transportation Group a €72m contract for 30 five-section unidirection Škoda 29T type LRVs.

Delivery of the 65km/h LRVs is planned during 2023. The LRVs will operate on metre-gauge tracks and are the same design as LRVs introduced in the city in 2015.

The 32.5m-long 2.5m-wide LRVs will operate on 600V dc and 750V dc systems. They will have capacity for 250 passengers, with 187 seated. Each LRV will have five double-doors per side.

The low-floor LRVs will be equipped with LED lighting and CCTV to provide additional safety. They will also feature Wi-Fi and USB sockets.

The first Škoda LRVs were ordered in July 2013, and delivered in 2015 and 2016. There are currently 60 LRVs in traffic.

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