The three-section, bi-directional, trams will be 100% low-floor with a full swivel underframe and low axle pressure that Skoda says does not wear the rail head. The trams also offer a technical solution for both the sharp curves and steep gradient in Pilsen, and five double doors on both sides of the vehicles will allow the quick boarding and alighting of passengers.

The ForCity Smart trams will conform with the latest European standards, including requirements for flame resistant materials and the strength and impact resistance of the vehicle cabin. The front frame of the vehicle is designed to protect the driver and the passengers in the event of a collision, while also considering other road users. The new layout of the driver’s cab provides a better view ahead and more comfortable seating ergonomics.

In addition to up to 22 trams, the contract price also includes technical documentation and maintenance and training instructions. The vehicles will be equipped passenger information systems, CCTV, and air-conditioning while vehicle interiors will emphasise functionality and simplicity.

“The expansion of the fleet is also important in relation to the planned construction of a tram line to the Borská pole shopping centre,” says PMDP board chairman, Mr Michal Kraus. “I’m sure this is a step in the right direction, and we want to develop this type of transport with regard to ecology and the fact that tram transport is the fastest transport in cities.”

“This purchase will increase the number of low-floor trams from the current 69% to 86%,” says PMDP chief transport officer, Mr Jiří Ptáček. “The average age of the tram fleet will be reduced by up to eight years.”

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