The extension, which cost €42m to construct, extends the existing line west from Faubourg National to the Koenigshoffen district, and incorporates three new stations: Porte Blanche, Parc des Romains and Comtes.

The extension includes significant additional infrastructure including a new junction crossing the A35 highway, additional multimodal transport links at Parc des Romains, 1.5km of adjacent cycle routes and a new pedestrianised area along the Rue de Faubourg National.

The line allows for travel times of 10 minutes between Comtes and Homme de Fer, and is intended to be the first stage of a further extension, which is scheduled to reach the Potteries Quarter, the terminus of Line D, by 2025.

It is hoped that the line will improve transport links for residents of the Gare and Koenigshoffen districts, and offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to private travel to reduce air pollution in the city.

Work on the extension was carried out over more than two years. During this period, archaeologists uncovered a range of artefacts including stelae, tombs and funerary objects. The relics have been incorporated into permanent exhibitions in the new stations.

The Line F extension follows the launch of a 1.6km northern extension to Line E in June 2019, which cost €19.4m and serves three new stations at Jardiniers, Mélanie and Robertsau/Escale.

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