SSB is now operating 80m-long LRVs across the city from Neckargröningen Remseck in the north via Mühlhausen, Wagrainäcker, and the main station in the city centre to Dürrlewang in the south.

At the same time, SSB has cut back Line U14 to terminate at Mühlhausen instead of Neckargröningen Remseck. Line U14 now terminates at the main station instead of Südheimer Platz, and a new Line U34 has been introduced between there and Vogelsang.

Line U19, which ran from Neckar Park north to Bad Cannstatt Wilhelmsplatz has been extended further north to Neugereut paralleling Line U2.

Line U9 has been split in two and now runs from Hedelfingen via Charlottenplatz to Heslach Vogelrain, while a new Line U29 has been introduced between the main station and Botnang.

Some lines have been rerouted in the city centre as the light rail tunnel between Staatsgalerie and Charlottenplatz has reopened, while the section between Staatsgalerie and Hauptbahnhof has closed for renovation.