The Sisa will ensure that the documentation, management and delivery is in line with the targets and safety regimes on behalf of TRI and the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety. Requests to participate in the tender must be submitted by April 23.

The Haifa - Nazareth project, which will have 20 stations in the Galilee and Haifa metropolitan areas, is being implemented by TransIsrael, an agency of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.

The line, which will carry 100,000 passengers daily, will start at Merkazit HaMifratz station in Haifa, Isarel’s largest transport hub, before running through Kiryat Ata. The line will then pass through the towns of Shfar’am, Bir El-Maksur, Mashhad, Reineh, and Nof HaGalil, before terminating in Nazareth.

Procurement will be undertaken in two phases. The Infra 1 stage will involve preliminary works including excavation, relocating existing telecommunication, water and electricity infrastructure and building bridges, roads and road underpasses.  

The Infra 2 stage will comprise a public-private partnership (PPP) scheme to fund, plan, build, operate and maintain the line. This will include the installation of electrification, signalling and command and control systems, as well as the purchase of LRVs.

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