TAMPERE Tramway has ordered a further five ForCity Smart Artic LRVs, exercising an option worth €34m in its contract with Škoda Transtech of Finland.

The €100m contract signed in 2017 for the supply of a first batch of 20 LRVs, delivered in 2020-21, contains three options for the supply of up to 46 additional LRVs.

The bi-directional 100% low-floor ForCity Smart Artic LRVs are 37.3m long and can accommodate up to 264 passengers. The vehicles have step-free access for passengers in wheelchairs or travelling with children in pushchairs.

To cope with the severe Finnish winter climate, the LRVs have heated floors and double glazing as well as air-conditioning for the summer months.

Under the contract signed in 2017, Škoda Transtech is responsible for fleet maintenance over a period of 10 years.

According to Tampere Tramway CEO, Mr Pekka Sirviö, the ForCity Smart Artic LRV is “unique in that it was designed in collaboration with the people of Tampere.” “The cars have proven to be reliable in operation,” he says.

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