HTM, the public transport operator in The Hague in the Netherlands, has selected Stadler Rail as preferred bidder to supply an initial batch of 56 Tina low-floor LRVs.

Three manufacturers submitted a valid bid in the last stage of the tender process. Selection of the preferred bidder has taken into consideration price, technical characteristics, reliability, availability and maintainability, as well as design and passenger facilities.

If there is no appeal from the unsuccessful bidders, HTM hopes to conclude the contract with Stadler, including options for more LRVs, before the end of this year.

The contract will need to be approved by HTM’s shareholders, the municipality of The Hague and the metropolitan region of Rotterdam and The Hague (MRDH).

The new fleet for The Hague will be five-section Tina LRVs with eight axles each, taking traction current at 600V dc on the 1435mm-gauge network.

The Stadler LRVs will replace ageing high-floor GTL8 double-articulated vehicles, and HTM stresses that the new fleet will significantly improve the accessibility of the public transport network in The Hague.

The Tina design features compact bogies, large windows and a wide interior gangway. Stadler Rail has already been awarded contracts to supply 1000mm-gauge Tina LRVs to the German cities of Rostock (28 LRVs) and Halle (56), and to Basle in Switzerland (25).

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