The two 14-year contracts begin in December 2018 and cover a total of around 8.6 million train-km per year on 12 lines.

Lot A includes:

  • RE 11/21/31 (Magdeburg - Halberstadt - Thale/Blankenburg/Goslar with one train pair to and from Berlin at weekends)
  • RE 4/24 (Halle (Saale)- Halberstadt - Goslar), and
  • RB 43 (Magdeburg - Oschersleben)

Lot B comprises:

  • RB 35 (Stendal - Wolfsburg)
  • RB 36 (Magdeburg - Wolfsburg including additional regional express services)
  • RB 41 (Magdeburg - Güsten - Aschersleben)
  • RB 51 (Dessau - Güsten - Aschersleben)
  • RE 10 (Magdeburg - Sangerhausen - Erfurt), and
  • RB 77 (Naumburg (Saale) - Nebra - Wangen)

The contract requires the operation of new 140km/h rolling stock, which must be compliant with the TSI for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM TSI). The new trains will also be equipped with passenger Wi-Fi, at least one power socket for every two seats, a ticket vending machine, CCTV, and space for bicycles. There will be a visible staff presence on all trains.

The contract will be signed after a 10-day appeal period.