PUBLIC transport authority Bavarian Railways (BEG) and VVT, the transport authority for the Austrian state of Tyrol, have launched a tender for a contract to operate regional passenger services on the Werdenfels 2028+ network.

The contract will start on December 12 2027 and covers the operation of regional (RB), regional express (RE) and suburban (S) services on the following routes:

  • RB6/RB56 Munich - Scharnitz
  • RB60/S7 Garmisch Partenkirchen - Pfronten Steinach
  • RE61 Munich - Mittenwald
  • RE62 Munich - Lermoos
  • RB63 Murnau - Oberammergau
  • RB65 Munich - Weilheim, and
  • RB66 Munich - Kochel

The annual volume is 4.3 million train-km. The contract will run until December 10 2039.

Detailed requirements have been set out for service quality and performance. New or existing rolling stock may be deployed, but trains must have been built since 2011. BEG is offering a financial guarantee for new rolling stock orders.

The tendering authorities reserve the right to amend the scope of the contract, which will contain options for increasing or decreasing the volume of train operations as well as train seating capacity.

Other options will cover changes to the network and its constituent lines, serving new stations and increasing or decreasing the number of operating and security staff employed.

Bids must be submitted by 12.00 on September 18. Bids will be selected by means of an open competition, with price being only one of the selection criteria.

Meanwhile, BEG and VVT have extended the current operating contract held by DB Regio that was originally due to expire on December 14 2025. The contract has been extended by 12 months with an option for a further extension of the same length.

The contract has a volume of 3.8 million train-km per annum and covers the line from Munich to Mittenwald on the Austrian border, as well as the Tutzing - Kochel and Murnau - Oberammergau routes.

It also covers the line from Garmisch Partenkirchen to Griesen on the Austrian border, and from Pfronten to the border station of Steinach.

The extended contract provides for significant improvements on line RB6, where services will run beyond Scharnitz to Innsbruck in Austria. DB Regio will operate the cross-border service in cooperation with Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).