The only exceptions to the reintroduction of the national timetable are that some peak-hour P trains serving Brussels are not running together with some trains at noon on Wednesdays and on Sunday evenings.

International services are currently restricted to the following routes:

  • Antwerp – Rotterdam
  • Hassalt/Liège – Visé
  • Kortrijk – Lille from May 11
  • Tournai – Lille from May 11
  • Namur – Charleroi – Maubeuge
  • Mons – Aulnoy, and
  • Athus - Luxembourg

Passengers and railway staff are obliged to wear a mask or face covering on entering stations, on platforms and on trains. SNCB is running full length trains in order to facilitate social distancing between passengers. Passengers are encouraged not to travel during peak periods.

Trains are being disinfected at regular intervals and enhanced cleaning of stations is continuing with a special focus on cleaning surfaces which passengers come into contact with.