Thüringia's Ministry of Infrastructure and its regional public transport authority (NVS) have invited bids by June 30 for a seven-year concession to operate regional passenger train services on the Sömmerda - Buttstädt line starting on December 10 2017. A two-hourly-interval service is required, with higher frequencies during peak hours. The volume is about 143,000 train-km per annum.

The Rhine-Rhur Transport Association (VRR) and the Westphalia Lippe Transport Authority (NWL) have published a tender for regional passenger train services for the RE 14 and RB 45 lines of the Emscher - Münsterland network.

The services will be provided on the Essen - Dorsten - Borken and Coesfeld - Dorsten lines. The concession will start in December 2018 and continue until December 2021, and amounts to 1.1 million train-km per annum up to December 2019 and 1.4 million train-km beyond then.

The closing date for bids is September 16.