The contract covers approximately 700,000 train-km per year and includes the operation of the Freilassing - Bad Reichenhall - Berchtesgaden line for 15 years from December 2021 and Traunstein - Ruhpolding line for 14 years from December 2022.

Both routes will retain their current timetables, which offer an hourly service between Freilassing and Berchtesgaden that is timed to connect with the Freilassing - Traunstein - Rosenheim - Munich service which is also operated by BOB under the Meridian brand. Hourly services also operate between Freilassing and Bad Reichenhall and on the Traunstein - Ruhpolding route.

The contract does not include operation across the German - Austrian border to Salzburg. BEG says BOB will enter into negotiations with Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) on through services from the Berchtesgaden district to Salzburg.

From December 2022, BOB will use new three-car Stadler Flirt EMUs on the Traunstein - Ruhpolding line, while the current fleet will continue to operate on the Freilassing - Bad Reichenhall - Berchtesgaden line.

The trains will be equipped with real-time passenger information systems which will provide information about current arrival and departure times as well as connection information. BOB will also provide scheduled and real-time data to Defas Bayern, the Bavaria-wide data pool for information systems.

BEG has outlined a range of requirements in the contact covering punctuality and connection safety, accident management, seating capacity, cleanliness and service orientation. BEG says the trains will operate with at least one train conductor, while BOB will also be required to participate in BEG’s quality measurement system which includes checking train cleanliness, the functioning of equipment and passenger information systems, staff competence, and how BOB deals with customer complaints.

BEG says deviations from contractually-agreed service levels will be financially penalised.

BOB must also ensure passengers are able to purchase a ticket at any time, while also providing comprehensive information at each station about where tickets can be purchased. A staff-operated sales point musts also be provided in Freilassing and Traunstein.