The focal point for the new passenger information system is a brightly-lit information desk with a large monitor which is visible from afar. The desk includes an area which is accessible to passengers in wheelchairs. Self-service terminals (pictured below) are provided in the east, central and west halls at Nuremberg Main Station, where passengers can orientate themselves, print their own journey information in the event of delays, or order a mobility aid.

“DB Information was developed together with our customer,” says Ms Claudia Gremer, Nuremberg Main Station manager. “The result is a more open, customer-friendly hub for travellers and visitors to the station. We are able to offer information more easily and faster than before.”

DB consulted passengers, employees, disabled associations, local transport authorities, train operators and several start-ups. Their suggestions were realised in numerous workshops and integrated into a prototype, culminating in a trial at Berlin Südkreuz station.

The next major stations to be equipped comprise Frankfurt am Main, Hannover, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, and Berlin Main and Ostbahnhof.

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