The contract calls for the operation of 2.9 million train-km per year on four routes to the east and west of Freiburg-im-Breisgau, including:

- Breisach - Gottenheim - Freiburg
- Endingen - Gottenheim
- Freiburg - Titisee - Neustadt - Seebrugg, and
- Neustadt - Donaueschingen - Villingen.

The Freiburg - Breisach and Endingen - Gottenheim lines will be electrified at 15kV ac. East of Freiburg, the Neustadt - Donaueschingen line will also be electrified; all electrification work is due to be complete by June 2019.

The four lines will be part of the future Breisgau S-Bahn network and DB plans to order a fleet of three and four-car Alstom Coradia Continental EMUs to replace both older DB Regio electric locomotives and DMUs operated by both DB Regio and SWEG.

The new contract will cost around €8 per train km compared to the current average of €11.69 on the routes concerned.

Frequencies on some routes will be increased significantly with half-hourly Breisach/Endingen - Freiburg - Neustadt through services on weekdays and improved frequencies at weekends.

Further expansion of the Breisgau S-Bahn network is foreseen and a tender will be launched next year for the operation of services on the Offenburg - Freiburg - Basle route from 2020.