The concession covers nearly 3.7 million train-km per year on the seven routes, which are already operated by DB:

  • Göttingen – Kreiensen – Bad Harzburg
  • Göttingen – Northeim – Nordhausen
  • Bodenfelde – Northeim
  • Braunschweig – Seesen – Herzberg
  • Braunschweig – Schöppenstedt, and
  • Braunschweig – Salzgitter – Lebenstedt.

Under the new concession, Braunschweig – Salzgitter – Lebenstedt and Braunschweig – Schöppenstedt services will be increased from two-hourly to hourly from December 2014, and additional evening and weekend trains will operate on other routes. This means that DB will operate an additional 250,000 train-km per year on the network, compared with the current level of service.