As a result DB Regio has been sub-contracted to operate the Wismar - Berlin - Cottbus service with its current fleet of 10 four-car double-deck locomotive-hauled trains that will be staffed by Odeg onboard service personnel until April 2013. Odeg is hopeful that the class 445.1 Kiss emus will be approved by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) by December so that they can be used to operate the Rathenow - Berlin - Jüterbog service with the new trains from December 9.

As a contingency Odeg will hire class 182.5 locomotives from freight operators or leasing companies, and coaches with emergency brake override equipment that are suitable for use in tunnels on the Rathenow - Berlin - Jüterbog line. A pool of four ES64 U2 locomotives has been identified for possible use after timing test runs were conducted in late October.