DUTCH night train start-up European Sleeper has been allocated train paths for its inaugural service from Brussels and Amsterdam to Berlin and Prague to operate through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The company is also in discussions with Czech private operator RegioJet, which will operate the service.

European Sleeper announced its intention to introduce an international night train service from Brussels via Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden to Prague on April 6, the same day as a near-identical service was announced by Belgian company Moonlight Express. The two companies have since merged, keeping the European Sleeper title.

The service is due to launch in April 2022, with tickets expected to go on sale in January.

Last month, the Belgian government announced a €2m investment to develop the country as a hub for night train services, after a survey found that while only 6% of the population use night trains, 62% would like to use them.