BAVARIAN Railway Company (BEG) has issued a tender to operate regional services between Munich and Mühldorf, as well as services from Mühldorf to several other towns and cities in eastern Bavaria. 

The Line-star Mühldorf 2025+ network includes services from Mühldorf to Simbach, Passau, Landshut, Burghausen, Salzburg, Rosenheim and Traunstein, as well as Traunstein - Traunreut, Munich - Wasserburg, Traunstein - Waging, Prien - Aschau, Neufahrn - Bogen and Munich - Mühldorf.

The contract will run from December 2025 to December 2032, with options for up to three one-year extensions. The operator will assume revenue risk.

140km/h hydrogen vehicles are required for the Mühldorf - Burghausen and Mühldorf - Passau routes, although the introduction of these trains can be delayed until 2033 for technical reasons. 

Services from Mühldorf - Munich Main Station will be operated with coaches built from 1994 onwards, but the tender allows the use of locomotives built from 1975 onwards. Services on the Mühldorf - Burghausen, Mühldorf - Passau, and Landshut - Bogen routes can be operated with fleets built from 1994 onwards, while the remainder of services requires fleets manufactured from 1998 onwards. Services will operate at between 120km/h and 140km/h.  

The Mühldorf - Munich main station service is currently operated by DB Regio using both modern Traxx ME locomotives and older class 218 diesel-hydraulic locomotives built from 1975.