The 15-year contract begins in December 2019 and encompasses the operation of regional services on the following routes in the west of the country:
Cheb – Perštejn
Karlovy Vary – Merklín
Karlovy Vary dol.n. – Potučky (- Johanngeorgenstadt)
Loket předměstí – Nová Role
Cheb – Luby u Chebu
Cheb – Plesná
Cheb – Aš (German border)
Slavkov/Kounice – Karlovy Vary
Bečov nad Teplou – Libkovice
Cheb – Plzen, and
Cheb - German border.

Two of the routes from Cheb involve the operation of cross-border trains into Germany and the regional government is cooperating with Bavarian Railway Company (BEG) in the procurement of these services.