The train will run on Sunday afternoons, when regular fast and InterCity trains on the Budapest - Nyíregyháza route are usually full.

The new service, dubbed Televonat, will only call at Debrecen, Kőbánya-Kispest and Zugló and passengers will have to buy Televonat tickets, which will have a flat price of Forints 2490 ($US 8.91) from Nyíregyháza and Forints 2210 from Debrecen.

MÁV-Start will not allow ticket exchanges for earlier or later trains, but a refund can be obtained up to an hour before departure.

Services will be formed of MÁV-Start Stadler class 415 Flirt suburban EMUs and passengers will be guaranteed a seat.

Train 1633 will depart Nyíregyháza at 17.08 and call at Debrecen at 17.38 before reaching Budapest-Nyugati at 20.27, meaning 3 hours and 19 minutes in suburban seats for passengers travelling all the way to the capital.