GERMAN regional train operator Netinera has introduced a rail planning and operational control software system supplied by IVU Traffic Technologies which will be used to plan and dispatch trains operated by Netinera subsidiaries Metronom, Erixx, DLB, and Vlexx. 

The IVU rail software package includes optimisation tools to ensure efficient running and planning of train crew duty rosters which are largely automated to simplify and accelerate planning and resourcing. The system, which can operate using cloud computing, provides a consistent data flow accessible both in the office and via a phone app.

IVU rail is already in use with several other German train operators as well as Netinera parent company Trenitalia which uses the system in Italy. The German companies include DB Long Distance, which introduced the system in November 2020, and Hamburg regional operator AKN Railway, which began using the system in April.