The tender, which is expected to be launched on October 29 2021, is being run in cooperation with Westphalia-Lippe Local Transport Association in North Rhine-Westphalia, with LNVG the lead association.

RE 60-2 is a newly-created service due to be launched from the start of the 2024 timetable on December 10 2023. It follows the restructuring of the Berlin - Hannover - Bad Bentheim - Amsterdam cross-border inter-city service, which will use new rolling stock and skip some stops to reduce journey travels.

The RE 60-2 contract will run for seven years, with an annual volume of 500,000 train-km. While LNVG usually provides the rolling stock for its contracts, the winner of the RE 60-2 contract will have to provide its own fleet with a specific level of seating capacity, although this does not have to be a new fleet.

The tender is being held as an open competition, although the transport associations retain the right to change it to a non-open proceeding, or to begin negotiating with operators.