Six of the stations - Sungai Tuha, Lubuk Batang, Kepayang, Sukamerindu, Talang Padang, and Tanjung Terang - are located in South Sumatra, and five - Sukamenanti, Gedung Ratu, Candi Mas, Tanjung Rajo and Way Pisang - are located in Lampung province.

Indonesia's minister for state-owned enterprises Mr Dahlan Iskan says the enhancements will improve passenger services for this year's Idul Fitri, the Muslim festival which marks the end of Ramadan.

"It's now a matter of how to maximise existing trains and improve the service, especially ticket purchases," Iskan says. "We expect that there will be no long queues for tickets because an online system has already been applied."

PT Kereta Api CEO Mr Ignasius Jonan added that six additional stations and 266km of additional double-track would be completed in 2015 in Regional Division III, stating that he expects the "government as the main facility owner to continue the development of stations and double track."