The package encompasses the operation of all passenger services on the Østfold Line and Gjøvik Line as well as part of the Oslo suburban network, including:

  • L1 Spikkestad/Asker - Lillestrøm
  • L2 Stabekk/Skøyen - Ski
  • L3 Oslo S - Jaren
  • L21 Stabekk - Moss
  • L22 Skøyen - Mysen/Rakkestad
  • R20 Oslo S - Halden (with possible extension to Gothenburg), and
  • R30 Oslo S - Gjøvik.

The directorate says it is looking for input on how the competition should be organised in order to meet the competition’s objectives.

The package is scheduled to be awarded before autumn 2021, with services to begin in December 2022 coinciding with the opening of the Follo Line.