While DB Regio and ODEG already operate the services concerned, there are some significant changes in the allocation of service groups, giving ODEG a much greater share of the network. The complete group of services on offer total 28 million train-km annually.

ODEG has won the Lot 1 contract for Regional Express Line RE1 (Magdeburg/Brandenburg - Frankfurt an der Oder/Cottbus). These services are currently operated by DB Regio using locomotive-hauled double-deck push-pull sets.

RE 1 frequencies are due to increase from two to three services an hour with the new contract. Line RE1 alone represents 6.4 million train-km a year.

DB Regio has been selected for the Lot 2 contract, which comprises six routes including the revised Line RE 2 (Nauen - Cottbus), which is currently operated by ODEG as a longer route extending north to Wismar on the Baltic coast. Lot 2 also includes the new Flughafen Express (FEX) service linking the capital with the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, which is currently expected to open in late-2020. Lot 2 has a total volume of 7.3 million train-km annually.

DB Regio has also reportedly won Lot 3, which comprises Regional Express Line RE7 (Dessau - Berlin - Senftenberg) and four shorter regional routes.

ODEG has won Lot 4, which includes four shorter regional routes and the new Line RE8. This will operate as two sections, replacing the current ODEG-operated RE2 services. Line RE8a will link Wismar with Wittenberge, Berlin and Berlin Brandenburg airport, while Line RE8b will connect Berlin with Wünsdorf-Waldstadt and Elsterwerda/Finsterwalde.

The new contracts represent a significant growth in business for ODEG, which has expanded its portfolio in the region from one route to 10 at the expense of DB Regio, which currently operates all the routes concerned with the exception of Line RE2.

The new operating contracts from December 2022 offer increased frequencies on many routes and call for the provision of free onboard Wi-Fi. Both operators are likely to order new rolling stock.