The signing event was organised by the German Association of Transport Operators (VDV). The agreement was signed by Dr Bernd Althusmann, transport minister of of Lower Saxony, Mr Joachim Berends, president of Bentheimer Railway, Mrs Carmen Schwabl and Mr Klaus Hoffmeister, managing directors of the regional public transport authority LNVG, and Mr Friedrich Kethorn, district administrator of Bentheim county.


Preparations for the revival of passenger operations are already underway. Three new stations are being constructed at Quendorf, Nordhorn-Blanke and Neuenhaus Süd, and the old stations at Neuenhaus and Nordhorn will be modernised.

Car parks with a total of 300 spaces will be constructed at the stations, along with facilities to store bicycles and recharge E-Bikes. Security at level crossings will be augmented and measures will be taken to reduce noise.

The total cost of the project is €21m, to which Lower Saxony will contribute €15m.

Bentheimer Railway and LVNG have concluded a 20-year agreement to operate the line using five Alstom Coradia Lint DMUs which will provide an hourly service.