The move follows the agreement of a €600m bailout for Austrian Airlines, which included a stipulation to reduce emissions and remove flights between locations that have an existing rail service with a journey time of three hours or less.

A Railjet with an Austrian Airlines flight number will operate between Salzburg and Vienna Airport every hour between 05.00 and 20.30 daily, with a journey time of 2h 49min.

“Vienna Airport can be reached by train from Salzburg in well under three hours and without changing trains,” says Austrian Airlines CEO, Mr Alexis von Hoensbroech. “Our AIRail offer is therefore a good and environmentally friendly alternative to flights. We are confident that in future we will be able to greet many Austrian Airlines guests on the AIRail from Salzburg, who will then switch to long-distance and Eastern European flights in Vienna.”

The AIRail service is similar to that offered during the closure of Salzburg Airport in May last year, when the daily number of AIRail services was increased to 30. Austrian Airlines says the move was well received by passengers at the time.

“With AIRail we offer our customers a continuous mobility chain in which every means of transport can clearly show its strengths,” says ÖBB CEO, Mr Andreas Matthä. “The additional AIRail connections make the environmentally friendly journey to Vienna Airport even more flexible.”

“The further development of a customer-friendly increase in mobility is very welcome and enormously important for Salzburg,” says Salzburg governor, Mr Wilfried Haslauer. “A good, uncomplicated journey from Salzburg to Vienna Airport is important. With the loss of the Salzburg-Vienna flight connection, it is now necessary to continue to provide ​​other forms of mobility and to ensure a good connection from Salzburg.”

The onward connection is guaranteed for passengers using the AIRail service. If a service or flight is delayed, they will be automatically booked onto an alternative service.

Business class passengers will travel in first class, and will have access to the ÖBB Lounge before departure. Air miles can be earned on AIRail services as part of the Miles & More programme. Passengers will also be provided with a catering voucher, which can be redeemed in the ÖBB restaurant car.