Setrag, a subsidiary of mining company Comilog, operates a 648km line linking Franceville and Libreville with 24 stations. Magni replaces Mr Renato Torres who has left the company.

The board has directed Magni to continue the transformation and development of Setrag, including continuing the 2016-2024 upgrade plan (PRN) to rehabilitate and modernise the line to double freight capacity. The line also carried 330,000 passengers a year.

The railway currently employs more than 300 people to manufacture concrete sleepers and renew the track, install protective fencing and develop new stations. The railway is also looking to build new pedestrian footbridges to provide safer crossings over the line.

After obtaining a master’s degree at the Higher Normal School of Technical Education in Libreville, Magni joined Comilog in May 1999. In July 2013, he was appointed director of track maintenance in Owendo, before joining Setrag as director of fixed installations in May 2015 and deputy CEO in 2019.