This follows the recent decision by Trafikverket to award SJ a contract to operate only the Stockholm - Duved portion of the service which currently originates in Gothenburg. At the same time, Vy Tåg won the contract to operate the Stockholm - Kiruna - Narvik service instead of SJ. The contracts will run from December 13 2020 until December 14 2024 with the option for two-year extensions.

“The daily night train traffic from Gothenburg to Jämtland and upper Norrland that SJ introduced just over a year ago has created new and extensive travel flows from western Sweden, which SJ wants to build on,” SJ says.

“During the winter sports season, almost one third of the total travel in the night trains to Jämtland is made up of travellers from Västra Götaland and Örebro counties,” says Mr Jan Kyrk, business manager with SJ. Västra Götaland includes Gothenburg and Skövde.

SJ says it is investigating a number of new traffic arrangements with the night trains that SJ has available. “In recent days, we have had a close dialogue with both players and the business community in the Jämtland-Härjedalen region,” Kyrk says.

SJ wants to find a solution that can be introduced when the current timetable ends in mid-December.