On November 19 the counties of Dalarna, Örebro, Gävleborg and Västmanland announced that SJ has been awarded a 10-year contract to operate the Bergslagen in central Sweden.

The contract covers the operation of around 3 million train-km per year on six routes, which are currently operated by Tågkompaniet. These include:

  • Mora - Borlänge
  • Borlänge - Västerås
  • Gävle - Mjölby
  • Örebro - Laxå
  • Gävle - Hallsberg, and
  • Ludvika - Västerås.

SJ says the network is forecast to generate revenues of SKr 2bn ($US 230m) over the 10-year duration of the contract. Services continue to be operated using a fleet of 28 Bombardier X50 Regina EMUs, which will be maintained by the manufacturer under a 10-year servicing agreement, which includes an optional one-year extension.

Västra Göteland public transport authority Västtrafik announced on November 20 that it has selected SJ subsidiary SJ Götalandståg from three shortlisted bidders for a contract to operate the Kinnekulletåget regional network, which encompasses Mariestad - Lidköping - Gothenburg and Örebro - Mariestad - Lidköping - Herrljunga services from June 2016. These services are currently operated by Arriva.

The new contract runs for eight-and-a-half years, with an option for a three-year extension, and is worth around SKr 510m.

Last year Västtrafik awarded SJ Götalandståg a contract to operate the much larger Västtågen regional network centred on Gothenburg for nine years from December 2015.

"With our second contract for the operation of other regional train services in Västra Göteland we can now achieve more efficient and reliable operation of train services throughout the region," says SJ head of product division Mrs Caroline Åstrand.