The service will operate between June 22 2020 and August 30 2020, while the number of departures during spring and autumn will also increase.

“For two years, we have seen a sharp increase in demand to travel by night train to Germany,” says Snälltågget marketing manager, Mr Marco Andersson. “In 2019 we have had more than 50% additional travellers compared with 2018. We are now investing in offering more opportunities to travel sustainably in Europe and hope our travellers will appreciate the investment.”

In order to meet the increased demand, Snälltåg has purchased an additional 10 couchette coaches, which will enter service after being upgraded in the spring.

The coaches have six berths per compartment, and can carry up to 60 passengers. Passengers can purchase their own compartment or a berth in a shared compartment.

“Demand for train journeys between Sweden and Germany is greatest during the summer and on major weekends and school holidays and that is when we will increase traffic so that more people can travel by train out in Europe,” Andersson says.

Booking for the Malmö - Berlin night train for 2020 opened on December 6.

A ticket for a berth in a shared compartment costs from SKr 499 ($US 52.65), while a private compartment for up to six people costs SKr 1999.