Lot 1 comprises the operation of 3.5 million train-km per year on four electrified lines radiating from Karlsruhe main station (Hbf):
• Karlsruhe Hbf – Bretten – Eppingen - Heilbronn Hbf
• Karlsruhe Hbf – Rastatt - Achern- Kehl
• Karlsruhe Hbf – Rastatt – Forbach – Freudenstadt – Eutlingen – Bondorf – Herrenberg, and
• Karlsruhe Hbf – Rastatt – Forbach.


Lot 2 involves operating 1 million train-km per annum on the Karlsruhe Hbf - Bruchsal - Heidelberg Hbf - Mannheim Hbf line which is also electrified.

The winner of each lot will be obliged to introduce new trains. The lot 1 trains must be able to cope with steep gradients and have an access height of 55cm above the rail head, compared with an access height of 76cm for the lot 2 trains.

The state of Baden-Württemberg is offering two options to finance the acquisition of the new trains, although the operator will be expected to conclude the contract with the vehicle manufacturer. The two financing models are:
• the classic model in which the operator will order and take delivery of the rail vehicles from the manufacturer to operate the services under the regional contract, and
• the Baden-Württemberg model: the winner of the tender will order new rail vehicles and transfer the contract to the Baden-Württemberg train fleet manager (SFBW) which will then deal directly with a bank and the manufacturer. SFBW will work with the public transport authority during the tender process and the execution of the operating contract.