The order consists of 13 three-car and 16 five-car 160km/h trains and includes an option for the purchase of up to 23 additional sets. The trains are scheduled to enter commercial service on the Middle Saxony electric network from Elsterwerda and Dresden via Chemnitz and Zwickau to Hof in June 2016.

Alstom says the trains' traction equipment is located on the roof to maximise interior space, with the three-car version able to accommodate up to 320 passengers, while the five-car train will carry 520.

Alstom will manufacture the trains at its plant in Salzgitter, Germany, while maintenance will take place at the depot near Chemnitz. Maintenance staff will have access to a central information platform which will provide up-to-date information on the trains' performance. Alstom will also provide spare parts and carry out inspections as part of the service contract.