Following an analysis of the entire Barcelona Metro network, Passeig de Grácia was selected as the pilot station for the system, which monitors a range of environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, outdoor weather conditions, and passenger volume through a network of around 50 sensors. Subsystems such as lifts, escalators, ventilation and lighting are automatically regulated according to the prevailing conditions.

TMB says that if the SEAM4US pilot is successful the technology could be rolled out at other stations on the Barcelona metro network.

TMB's partners in SEAM4US include the Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Marche University, Kassel University, and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Fraunhofer, Germany, Almende, Netherlands, and Cnet, Sweden.

The project is being funded with the aid of a €2.9m grant from the EU's Seventh Framework Programme.