The four-car set is one of 15 trains ordered for use on the 7.4km east-west line, which is expected to open in March 2014. Initially services will be operated with drivers before migrating to semi-automatic operation and eventually driverless operation.

The remaining 14 sets will be delivered by September 2013. In order to prepare for the arrival of the first automatic metro set for Line 4, a conventional Russian-built metro train and a new Alstom Metropolis set, both from Line 2, were tested on Line 4 on November 29, becoming the first electric trains to operate on the new line.

The installation of track and electrification has been completed on the western section of the line between the terminus at Kelenföld and Móricz Zsigmond Körtér, and performed faultlessly during the tests.

The first Metropolis set for Line 4 needs to complete 4000km of fault-free operation to gain type approval, which is expected to be achieved by February 2013.