Nanchang Line 2 will run for 23.3km from the main line Nanchang West station, crossing the Ganjiang river to reach Yangming Lu and Shanghai Lu, before terminating at Yudai River station. The line will have 21 stations, seven of which will be interchanges with Line 1 and main line stations.

Line 2 will be built as a Type B metro with 1.5kV dc overhead electrification, a maximum operating speed of 80km/h, and a fleet of 22 six-car trains. Train control and maintenance facilities will be co-located with those of Line 1 at Hongjiaozhou depot.

Construction is expected to take four years and ten months to complete and the Yuan 14.5bn project is being financed with the aid of a $US 250m World Bank loan secured through the Jiangxi provincial government.

The 26.3km Fuzhou Line 2 will connect Shadi with the city's financial district and Gushan, and will have 22 stations. Services will be operated by a fleet of 26 six-car trains, which will be maintained at the Line 1 depot. The total cost of the project is Yuan 18.2bn and construction will take four years to complete.