Phase 2 of the Urumqi metro will extend the network to 88.8km by 2021, adding two new lines. The 22.1km first phase of Line 3 will link Cangfanggou with Sangong North with 19 stations, while the initial section of Line 4 will run for 19.7km from Jinhu Road to Seven Bay with 16 stations. Line 3 has a budget of Yuan 17.9bn, while Line 4 will cost Yuan 16bn.

Both lines are scheduled to open in 2021 and services will be operated by a fleet of six-car type A trains.

Urumqi began construction on its first metro line, the 27.6km Line 1 in March 2014 and this project is due to be completed in 2019. The 19km Line 2 will open in 2020.

In Xiamen, the second phase of the metro will expand to the network to 267km with 139 stations by 2020.

Phase 2 comprises four new lines. The 15.5km, nine-station Line 2 will link Tianzhu with Lu Hang and has a budget of Yuan 12.2bn. The Yuan 15.2bn Line 3 will run for 22.6km from Wuyuan to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport serving 13 stations. Both of these lines will open in 2020.

Line 4 will link the airport with the city centre and Songyu, a distance of 69.6km with 18 stations. The Yan 36.5bn project is due to be completed in 2022.

The 44.5km Line 6 will serve 27 stations and is due to open in 2022. The budget for this project is Yuan 36.5bn.

Services on phase 2 lines will be operated by six-car trains and the maximum speed on all lines will be 80km/h with the exception of Line 4, which will be built for 120km/h operation.

Xiamen's first metro line is due to open in 2018 and ultimately the city plans to construct an 11-line, 404km network with 188 stations.