M4 runs from Copenhagen Main Station, sharing infrastructure and doubling the frequency of the M3 Cityring to Østerport. From here the line continues on a new 2.2km branch to two new stations at Nordhavn and Orientkaj. The new line consists of a 1.9km underground section with the terminus station at Orientkaj elevated. The project cost an estimated €310m and is expected to carry 11,000 passengers per day.

In normal circumstances, the line would have been inaugurated by citizens, contractors, politicians and members of the Danish Royal family, as they did when opening the 17km M3 Cityring in September. However, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing the suspension of all public gatherings, the trains simply began operating, with no notification given on the time of the first service. The public are encouraged to wait until April 14 to try the new line.

“We would like to have celebrated it with all the Copenhageners, but also, of course, with all the people who have contributed to this big project,” says Mr Henrik Plougmann Olsen, CEO of Copenhagen metro operator, Metroselskabet. “Right now, it becomes the dominant consideration, that we do not create any risk of infection, and therefore there are no festivities. The trains just start to run, and this is it.”

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