The 20.6km line runs from Haizhiyun in the east of the Chinese city to Dalian Zhoushuzi International Airport in the northwest. Trials with around 5,000 daily passengers are continuing until May 8 when it will be ramped up to 10,000 passengers until May 17 when the line is due to open.

The line is served by a fleet of 120m-long six car type-B metro trains supplied by CNR. The trains reached a maximum speed of 70km/h during the trials and an average speed of 30.7km/h following 30-second stops at 17 of the line's 19 planned stations.

MTR placed an order for 38 trains, including 18 for Line 1 in October 2012.

Line 2 will eventually be extended by 16km and another 9 stations from the airport to Dalian North Railway Station, which will take its total length to 42.6km.