Passengers are able to travel free-of-charge until April 7 when revenue service begins. The first phase of the underground east-west Line 2 is 13.7km long and has 14 stations. It runs from Eduardo Brito via Juan Pablo Duarte, where it connects with Line 1, to María Montez and is expected to carry 400,000 passengers a day.

The line has been equipped by the Eurodom consortium led by Siemens, which was responsible for project management, signalling and train control, and installation of 1.5kV dc overhead conductor rail. Thales supplied communications, signalling, supervision and fare collection equipment. In a separate €101m contract, Alstom has supplied a fleet of 15 three-car trains, each accommodating up to 617 passengers.

A second phase is planned which will extend Line 2 to 21km and add another six stations. The total cost of Line 2 is estimated at $US 1.58bn.