Gamuda and MMC say the terms and agreements for the project delivery partner's (PDP) appointment will now be negotiated as part of the PDP agreement. The 56km line is estimated to cost Ringgits 23bn ($US 7.08bn) and take five years to complete, inclusive of preparation work, land acquisition and moving utilities.

The declaration that the line would be constructed to Sungai Buloh is in contrast with the budget announcement in which prime minister Mr Seri Najib Tun Razak said that it would terminate at Selayang. This led to reports that a branch would be constructed from the depot at Sungai Buloh, which is being built for MRT Line 1, to Selayang. However, Malaysia's Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) confirmed that the alignment for Line 2 would start at Sungai Buloh as initially envisaged in its feasibility study for the project and that trains for both lines would share the depot.

Gamuda and MMC secured the contract for the 51km MRT Line 1, which will run from Sungai Buloh to Kalang, in February 2012. Construction on this project is said to be over 50% complete with completion of the majority of civil works expected in 2015.