GENOA city council is expecting to call tenders shortly for construction of an extension of the Genoa Metro running westwards from Dinegro to Fiumara.

Running entirely underground, the extension would serve intermediate stations at Cantore and the main line railway station at Sampierdarena, and is expected to be completed between 2026 and 2027.

According to city councillor for transport, Mr Matteo Campora, the extension to Fiumara would cost €400m to build.

Meanwhile, the extension from Brin to Canepari is expected to open at the end of 2023, with metro operator AMT Genoa ordering 14 four-car trains from Hitachi Rail to serve the extended network at a cost of €70m.

These projects are being funded by Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS), and with €150m from the government’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Work is continuing on the metro extension eastwards from Brignole to Martinez, where Campora expects construction work to continue until 2024.

Central government funding is also being allocated to the SkyMetro project to build a 7km elevated route from Brignole to Molassana.

Genoa city council has selected RTI Rina Consulting and MM for a contract to provide project and construction management services, as well as safety coordination during the construction phase.

RTI and MM will assist the city’s project manager, Mr Alberto Bitossi, and his technical staff throughout the design and construction process, including final testing and commissioning.

Genoa city council is tendering a contract to complete technical and economic feasibility studies and final design for the SkyMetro project. A budget of €10m has been set and the contract is expected to be awarded in October.

Studies are underway for a further extension from Molassana to Prato, which will be submitted to MIMS when the ministry makes its next call for funding.

“We are speeding up operations as much as possible in order to meet the timetable we have given ourselves to complete and open to the public this infrastructure whose project has been positively evaluated by the ministry and awarded almost €400m in funding,” Campora says.

“The SkyMetro will be one of the pivots of Genoa's future mobility, in the name of greater sustainability, efficiency and capillarity of the urban public transport service."

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