The project comprises: a new intermediate station at Tung Chung East between Sunny Bay and Tung Chung, extending the line from the existing terminal at Tung Chung to Tung Chung West, and extending the existing overrun tunnels beyond Hong Kong station to enable a future increase in train frequency on the Tung Chung Line. Construction on the three elements is expected to start in 2023.

The new Tung Chung East station will serve the Tung Chung New Town Extension (East) development while Tung Chung West station will serve existing residents and potential housing developments nearby, including the Tung Chung New Town Extension (West).

“The Tung Chung Line extension project will benefit incumbent and future residents on North Lantau by improving accessibility and providing railway connectivity to the core of Hong Kong,” says MTR’s CEO Dr Jacob Kam. “Together with the existing Tung Chung station, the three stations in Tung Chung will also form an important transport infrastructure serving the community of the expanded Tung Chung New Town.”

The Tung Chung Line partly shares the same tracks as the Airport Express Line but has eight stations compared with only five on the Airport Express Line.

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